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We help your business save time by automating and streamlining your workflow.

We are certified automation experts with years of experience in Zapier and Make (Integromat).

What can we help you with?


Are you always short of time?

Juggling multiple tasks is always difficult, but it's especially challenging when they don't offer much return on investment. Skill It will help you automate the tasks that take up hours of your week. That way, you can focus on the things that are important and get them done efficiently.

30 uur per week

Do you sometimes lose the overview of your company?

It can be difficult to find the data you need to make decisions for your business. You might have an Excel spreadsheet with a list of tasks, a calendar for planning, and another one for keeping track of projects. But that's just the tip of the iceberg - you also have documents scattered all over the place that are hard to track. Well, we have a better way.

We can automatically collect all your data, without any input from you (in an Airtable base for instance). This includes:

  • Information on company performance
  • Project progress
  • Customer data
  • and so much more...

Are tasks slipping through the net?

As a manager, it's important to be able to manage many tasks at once. You need to have a plan of how you're going to organize your work, and know when and where to find the information you need. Additionally, you should always be in communication with the people who are responsible for completing certain tasks. This way, nothing falls through the cracks and everyone is on the same page.

Skill It helps teams automate their workflows and keep everyone on track. By creating projects and tasks, assigning them, and tracking progress, we make sure everyone is always aware of what they need to be working on.

Do you suffer from an overflowing mailbox?

Managing emails can be a huge pain. It's time-consuming and frustrating to have to go through all of them individually. That's why we're here to help!

We take care of sending automatic emails for you, so the only thing you have to focus on is what's important. This way, you can reduce the amount of work you have to do and speed up the process.

Our happy customers

  • "Steven from Skill It was a great help. We managed to free up 10 extra hours each week that we can now use more productively. I would definitely recommend his services to any company with ambitious goals."

    Wouter Dorissen

    Owner Marketing Agency Yungo

    Wouter Dorissen
  • " Skill It has the unique ability to automate your workflows, making your business more profitable while freeing up time for you to enjoy yourself! "

    Roy Vergauwen

    Owner RVM Group

    Roy Vergauwen

Success Stories

How we saved Yungo 10 hours a week

How Boonstra Vastgoed became the most innovative real estate agency

Our expertise


Wondering if automation is the right choice for your business? We're here to help. After discussing what can be automated, we will provide you with a customized document with actionable ideas on how to automate your business. This way, you can make an informed decision about whether or not automation is the right step for you.

What can you expect?

Choice of apps

Workflow Mapping

Automation possibilities

Action plan

Automation of your business

Skill It provides unique and customized solutions to help your business automate workflows, so you can focus on what's important: delivering amazing customer experiences and improving employee productivity. 

What can we help with?


Project management



Data collection

And so much more, just ask...

Do you want an automated workflow that can help your business grow?


What kind of companies does Skill It work for?

We work with a variety of businesses, including start-ups, small and large SMEs.

What does it cost?

We understand that everyone has different priorities, so our pricing is flexible and can be customized depending on what's important to you. We're happy to work in phases, so the most important tasks are taken care of first. Let us know what your priorities are and we will make sure they are reflected in our agreement.

How do you work?

We always work on a quote basis so that there is no confusion about the cost. Once we have worked out the right quote for you and you agree, we can get to work.

In which sectors are you active?

We have collaborated with companies from different sectors:

• Real estate agents

• (Online) Marketing agencies

• Rental

• Wholesalers

• Small independent

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